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Real Estate Loan

Your safest bet for a Real Estate Loan

There is nothing to worry about if the traditional lenders or banks have disapproved your loan application! We at TiedUpLoans provide alternative real estate loans with customized terms and regulations for both real estate business owners and proprietors. Because of our client-friendly loan terms, flexible repayment method, fast loan approval, competitive interest rates, and 24/7 customer support, we are trusted by thousands of people in New Jersey and other states of the USA.  Contact us today if you need financial support to administer your real estate firm or property.

To get your loan approved, your document bundle must include:

  • 1003 Loan Application

  • 6 Months of Bank Statements

  • Authorization of Credit

  • Statement of Personal Finances

  • Current Financials of the real estate or company real estate you are purchasing

  • BPO or appraisal of the existing property (if available)

  • ID or a driver's license

Real Estate
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