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Five Factors That Could Obstruct You To Get The Lowest Home Loan Rate

Buying your first dream home always makes you feel like you are climbing the ladder of success. But when you are buying your home by availing a home loan, the financial commitment remains constant. Also, there are many other factors that might obstruct the path to getting the lowest home loan rate. But you can easily overcome these barriers by simply reading this blog. So keep on reading!

Factors that impact getting the lowest home loan rate

Here are the top factors that lenders consider while deciding there Home Loan


Credibility is yet another aspect that can have a huge impact on getting the lowest home loan rate. Customers with a high credit score are eligible for the lowest interest rate. Each lender has different requirements for credit scores. It may be above 750 for some people and above 800 for others. If you have a poor credit score, then the lender will add a risk premium to the lowest rate.

So, before you apply for a home loan online, build a solid credit history by making on-time payments and keeping a close eye on your outstanding debts.

Location Of The Property

The location of the property has a significant impact on the lowest home loan rate. If the lender notices that you are planning to construct your home in a place that is poor in communication and other amenities and connectivity like transportation, in that case, the lender may charge you a high rate of interest for your borrowed amount. Because if the borrower somehow becomes insolvent in the near future after raising the amount, the lender will not be able to recover the amount even after selling the borrower's property.

Make sure to choose your property in the hinterland. This will attract the lender’s attention as well as the requested amount at a very low rate of interest.

Job Profile

The lowest home loan rate also sometimes depends on your job and the salary you are drawing. If you have a steady source of income, your loan application might experience certain benefits. On the other hand, if your income is unstable, the lender will view you as a high-risk loan candidate.

When planning to raise a large sum, make sure to gather all valid proofs, such as your pay slip, offer letter, and other address proofs, as your supporting documents on the table of your lender.

Type Of Interest

You must have encountered terms like "fixed," "floating, and "variable" interest rates when applying for a home loan. As the name implies, settled rates remain constant throughout the loan assignment, while flowing rates change as demand shifts.

Swirled claim rates are fixed for the borrower at a predetermined time. Due to the increased risk, lenders may charge a higher claim rate for fixed welfare rates.

Tenure Of The Loan

The loan's term is yet another important consideration. Sometimes, even if the investors agree to reduce your loan rate, they might increase the repayment duration for the borrowed amount. Keep in mind that your interest rate will increase the longer you extend your loan.

Instead of extending your loan duration, you can opt for a short-term tenure. This will save you from both the high-interest rate and the burden of repayment.

If you are planning to get the lowest home loan rate to build your dream home, never forget the above-mentioned five factors that may turn out to be obstacles in your path. We offer home loan rates Lakewood, home credit personal loan, best loan for commercial property, and small business finance at a very low rate even if you have a low credit score. To get your loan approved quickly and fuss-freely, contact us today!


What credit score is suitable to get the lowest home loan rate?

Below 8%: 740 and higher (look for loans with excellent credit) 14% between 670 and 739 (look for loans for people with good credit). From 580 to 669: Approximately 18% (search for loans with fair credit); Below 579: Around 30% (look for loans for bad credit)

What happens if interest rates are too low?

Rates, on the other hand, can encourage excessive growth and subsequent inflation when they are too low, which will lower purchasing power and jeopardize the sustainability of economic expansion.

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